Gosia's journey into the beauty industry started young.  Growing up in Poland, her skin care regiment came from pure sources.  Her mother and grandmother taught her the power of home remedies, creating products from plants and herbs grown in their garden.  In opening Elm Boutique Spa, Gosia brings the same philosophies and emphasis on natural ingredients to diagnose and treat all skin types. 


In pursuit of flawless skin for her clients, Gosia examines each client on an individual basis.  She reviews the potential effects of a client’s environment and lifestyle.  In understanding the natural skin complexion and any external factors, Gosia customizes a plant-based alternative to synthetic products that naturally allows her clients to have their best possible glow at any age.


With several years of serving her New York-based clientele, Gosia welcomes you to join her vision for perfected skin.  She is a firm believer that every skin type is different and each deserves to be custom treated for the best results possible. 

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