This non-invasive treatment will at first exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells by using microdermabrasion* either tiny crystals or organic grains. The grains exfoliate without causing excessive dermal inflammation, so this technique is best for sensitive and darker skins. The crystals are designed to treat deep wrinkles, mild to severe scarring, and superficial pigmentation marks. Oxygen Infusion*, depending on skin type, delivers specific serums (antibacterial for oily, blemished and troubled skins; calming for sensitive and capillary distention skin; brightening for melasma, chloasma, hyper pigmentation, and ACE Complex for mature, saging, aging, dull and tired skins). Oxygen Infusion* phase 2 enhances the enzyme activity where the enzymes become the catalyst to break down the formulation into your skin’s pure oxygen experience. Finally, LED* Therapy is used for cellular renewal and enhancement of skin healing.

Microdermabrasion* - Wonderful treatment to clarify, smooth, and even ​skin complexions. This non invasive technique gently removes dry, dead​ skin cells to uncover a beautiful, healthy glow. Treatment improves mature​ and sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmented discoloration and fine​ lines + wrinkles and even enlarged + congested follicles. 


4-6 treatments every 12-14 days and thereafter a "once a month" visit is

​recommended to sustain beautiful skin results.

Oxygen Infusion* - Formulated exclusively to interact with the natural enzymes within the surface of the skin to breakdown into your skin's pure oxygen and maximize hydration. Depending on your skin needs, oxygen infusion will soothe and desensitize irritated  skin, regenerate and stimulate mature skin, lift and brighten discolored skin or maintain and protect from future oily/troubled skin concerns.


Schedule your skin therapy twice a week for three weeks for six complete treatments for long lasting skin changes or schedule a single therapy once a week to sustain youthful results.

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