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Microneedling Aftercare Advice

              What  to Expect Following a Microneedling Treatment


  1. You will usually experience redness in the area. This is normal and is a result of the inflammation that causes collagen induction.

  2. You may experience some itchiness in the area, this is also normal.

  3. Some dry skin may be experienced and the Aftercare serum or mask is useful to assist this. This dry skin is caused because the moisture barrier of the skin has been breached by the micro needles and is a normal reaction.

  4. The skin may feel tender to touch.

  5. You may experience an immediate feeling of tightening in the skin.

  6. You may also be more sensitive to sunlight straight after treatment.

  7. In rare cases there may be some bruising or swelling and you should consult your practitioner if this persists.

  8. In the rare case that small pustules form on the skin these should be brought to the practitioner’s attention and drained to avoid the formation of scabs that can prevent the absorption of the aftercare serum. This is more likely to occur in those suffering from acne scarring.

  9. For those with darker skin pigmentation the skin may not show the same level of redness as lighter skinned individuals however you should follow the same aftercare instructions.


What To Do When You Return Home From a Microneedling Treatment

  1. When you return home take a shower. Make sure it is not too warm as the skin may be sensitive.

  2. Do not take a bath for as there is increased risk of contamination from blocked drains.

  3. Only use the aftercare serum on the skin for at least 8 hours after the treatment. Skin needling increases absorption of most products placed on the skin for several hours afterwards and it is important not to use any products that contain toxic ingredients on the skin during this period.

  4. To apply the aftercare serum take 6-8 drops depending on the size of the area you have treated and apply it to wet hands so that the water ( do not use tap water ) can act as a carrier. Massage this into the skin twice a day for 1 week following the treatment.

  5. If you experience any unexpected adverse reactions please contact your practitioner or seek medical attention.

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