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Elm Spa x Éminence

Elm Spa exclusively draws on the power of Éminence’s organic and plant-derived products to infuse and heal your skin with highest quality of potent natural ingredients.  This renowned, powerhouse Hungarian beauty brand has been an industry leader in clean skin care since 1958.  The brand effectively and luxuriously harnesses the power of plant therapy and biotechnology innovation to bring you lasting, effortless beauty.

herbal-infused deep cleansing facial

60 min           90 min

$195              $225

3 pack  $585 (60 min)

6 pack  $795 (60 min)

3 pack  $675 (90 min)

6 pack $1320 (90 min)

This botanical immersion delivers healing to your skin.  Effective for all, the treatment is specifically designed to target areas prone to excessive oil production and breakouts. The five-step facial begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation.  A power extraction follows to fully detoxify your skin --removing dead cells, excess residue and environmental impurities.  After consulting with Elm Spa’s lead technician, a customized, Éminenence plant-powered mask is designed and applied to target your beauty goals. Your skin will be clean, balanced and refreshed.

plant-powered hydrating facial

60 min   $180

3 pack  $635 (60 min)

6 pack  $970 (60 min)

Infuse every pore with the power of plant-derived hyaluronic acid.  This miracle ingredient plumps your skin for a lasting dewy look.  After a gentle yet thorough cleanse and exfoliation, a hyaluronic serum is applied by ultrasonic waves to deeply penetrate the epidermal layer.  A two-mask step hyaluronic-based mask sequence then enriches the skin with the full effect of brightness and hydration.  A final step of pure plant hyaluronic acid and LED therapy deeply moisturizes while boosting collagen and elastin production. The experience will leave your complexion noticeably soft, supple and luminous.  For maximum benefit, a 5-week series is recommended

vitamin-rich anti-aging facial

60 min    $295

Restore your skin’s firmness with this ninety-minute, fully-loaded treatment.  This facial combines the power of all natural skincare with advanced techniques to deliver immediate results.  With all the benefits of Elm Spa’s signature facial, this treatment incorporates a sequence of microcurrent therapy to lift and tighten, oxygen-infusion to increase cellular metabolism and circulation and oxygenation to plump and fill fine lines.  The final incorporation and LED therapy to trigger collagen and elastin production.  Ending the process with a collagen-enriched mask, this is your natural alternative to achieve healthy, youthful and glowing skin without toxic pharmaceuticals and retinol.  The treatment penetrates the deepest layers of your skin and fortifies your natural cells with an extra boost to tighten and lift, producing immediate and lasting results that slow the signs of aging.  By adding this treatment into your regular regime, your skin will be brighter and firmer, naturally.  A bi-monthly treatment series is recommended for the maximum benefit of youthful-looking skin.

wildflower-derived soothing facial

60min    $180

Ideal for extreme sensitive skin (prone to broken capillaries and rosacea), this treatment evens your complexion’s texture and tone.  A series of chamomile and calendula masks calm redness and the appearance of rosacea naturally.  The unique combination of oxygen and LED therapy further soothe the skin on the deepest levels. The final step deeply hydrate your skin with nutrient-rich herbal oils and moisture to prevents ongoing irritation.

urban express facial

60 min    $185

Reverse the effects of city dwelling and stress with this treatment. This facial is customized to address your epidermal needs on a time-sensitive schedule. The four-step experience deeply cleanses and exfoliates to remove dead skin. The final touches deeply moisturize and plump your complexion, leaving your skin feeling brighter and fresh.

special treatments

micro-needling treatment

90 min $400

4 pack   $1480

8 pack  $2840

Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment to promote skin rejuvenation. Micro-needling utilizes a precise and safe device to create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin. This not only triggers the body to produce new collagen fibers and elastin for an overall youthful aesthetic but also allows for delivery and maximum absorption of targeted cosmetic products.  This innovative treatment greatly improves overall appearance of the skin thanks to increasing collagen production and is particularly effective in reducing wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars and stretch marks.

micro dermabrasion treatment

50 min  $225

4 pack   $800

6 pack  $1080

Microdermabrasion treatment clarifies, smoothes and evens the skin's complexions. This non-invasive technique gently removes dry, dead​ skin cells to uncover a beautiful, healthy glow. Treatment improves mature​ and sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmented discoloration and fine​ lines, wrinkles and congested follicles. 


4-6 treatments every 12-14 days and thereafter a "once a month" visit is​ recommended to sustain beautiful skin results.

add ons Treatments

Please consult with Elm Boutique Spa before booking one of our "add ons" to determine which is suitable for your skin.


30 min  $65

oxygen infusion

20 min  $75

LightStim Therapy

20 min $55

micro dermabrasion 

30 min $85

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